Our customers are mostly multinationals in innovative industries and in centrally controlled industries in China

  • Aerospace (KLM, Oostend Airport, Brussels Airport)
  • Chemistry (BASF, Tessenderlo Chemie)
  • Finance (Anbang Group, Delta Lloyd, Nagelmackers)
  • High Tech (Imec, Louvain La Neuve Science Park)
  • Industrial Technology (ZF Windpower, Premium Sound Solutions, Punch Powertrain, Recticel, Volvo)
  • (Inter-)governmental (European Commission, Belgian Ministry of Economy, Diplobel, Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations)
  • Pharmaceutical and medical devices (AstraZeneca, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Agfa, IBA)
  • Recycling and precious metals (Umicore)
  • Semiconductors (Rogers Corporation, Jabil, Melexis)
  • Telecommunication (Base, TeliaSonera)
  • Transport and logistics (Ahlers, APM Terminals, TransOcean, BPost International)
  • Manufacturing (Bekaert, Beaulieu)

What our clients say

“Despite 15 years of active business presence in China, ChinaConduct significantly enhanced our sensitivity and ability to read verbal and non-verbal messages from our Chinese business partners. Our collaboration with ChinaConduct enabled us to gain deeper insight into Chinese business environment and its close – but often hidden – intertwinement with the government.”

Geert Vandenhoeck, Director Finance & Strategic Development, Umicore Electro-Optic Materials

“My cross-cultural coaching from the ChinaConduct team provided invaluable insight  into the Chinese culture, traditions and way of thinking. It proved the perfect step towards the cultural understanding needed to lead a team in China and enter this new and exciting business environment.”
Emma Howe, Head of Marketing- Consumer Care, Bayer Healthcare China —

“A customized, lively and pragmatic approach to doing business with the Chinese. The training exceeded the expectations of Chinese dummies and Chinese experts alike.”
Business Development Director of a Belgian Pharmaceutical company —

“I found both the individual coaching sessions and the group sessions interesting and very useful. ChinaConduct’s interactive training not only focuses on many practical aspects of cooperating with China, but also provide a clear image and framework of the Chinese way of thinking and working. No blind negativism or positivism about China, but a healthy critical and very practical approach of working with China.”
— Marc De Bleser, Corporate Manager Beaulieu Asia – Beaulieu International Group NV —

“I graduated as an Arabist, so I was used to plunging myself completely in a different culture (for over 40 years), but, until recently, China was an almost completely new field for me. Having read a couple of hundred books about China, studied Chinese for approximately four years, and having paid a few visits to China, I wondered whether I would hear something I didn’t know already (big mistake!). Then a good friend told me about Jeanne Boden and ChinaConduct. This friend lived for almost eight years in China before he met her and followed some of her training sessions. Since he was very excited about it I decided to give ChinaConduct a try. I thought if someone who has lived for eight years in China can be enthusiastic about training on China, it must be good.
I followed Jeanne’s trainings and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Chinese culture, in understanding how the Chinese think, and how to communicate with them. Jeanne has vast experience and an unerring instinct for what kinds of things are important for participants. She is very enthusiastic and has a fascinating way of relating and explaining that keeps your attention at all times. And what’s more: what she tells you will certainly stay with you and be of use; you won’t forget it for the rest of your life!”
— Jos van Aken, Country specialist Immigration and Naturalization Service 
Directorate, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (The Netherlands) —

“I participated in the Eurochambres Understanding China Program, a unique mix of academic and practical courses on Chinese business and culture, specially designed for Chamber of Commerce executives from all over Europe. During this program I was lucky enough to meet Jeanne Boden and the least I can say is that I was fascinated by the lecture she gave us. Her very straightforward and easy to understand way of explaining the cultural differences between Europe and China made me rethink the numerous situations I had experienced in China. She made me travel through China sitting on my school bench in Antwerp. Using various images and metaphors, Jeanne was able to explain complex Chinese mindsets and bring them closer to us. In addition, the title of her book ‘The wall behind China’s open door’ is the best possible expression of what we face when entering the middle empire. Thanks to Jeanne, you will be able to pass beyond the wall.”
— Daniel Sahr, Advisor International Affairs, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Understanding China Network —