We create value for our customers

We help our clients to reach their goals across business contexts. Our deep and wide experience, our insights, practical tools, and hands-on support help clients to succeed. We commit to deliver sustainable results.
We help joint-ventures, long-term projects crossing global business contexts, and M&A to success.

  • Optimizing collaboration across global and Chinese business contexts
  • Executive training and coaching
  • Business and market research in China
  • Supporting strategic negotiations
  • Communicating effectively to the right people at the right time
  • M&A negotiation and post-merger integration
  • Leveraging our network in China and Europe

Who we are

We are a team of European and Chinese consultants, active between Europe and China,  engaging in China-related projects across the globe.

ChinaConduct is an independent organization, not subsidized by any government. We provide independent advise.

Our method

We developed a Five-Step Method: 1. Awareness 2. Context 3. Analysis 4. Negotiation 5. Strategy

Our commitment

Even if you have ten or twenty years of Euro-China experience, we commit to take you to the next level!